August 12, 2022
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What are the questions for a caregiver's interview?

Almost every home care business owner will face the frustration of selecting a candidate who seems to be a perfect fit during the interview but performs badly on the job.


Often, this may be avoided by asking more detailed questions during the interview. Asking the appropriate questions during a caregiver job interview is a crucial component of your recruiting process. The proper questions may assist in identifying exceptional applicants and provide insight into how to best assist these candidates in succeeding.

Consider interview questions as an inverted pyramid: begin with broad questions to get a sense of the candidate's personality and work your way down to more specific questions that help you grasp their skill set and experience, as well as how they would respond in certain circumstances.

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To assist you in getting started, we've compiled a list from which you may choose. If you're utilizing this list as a starting point for an interview, consider asking multiple questions from each area. This will assist you in gaining a holistic picture of the applicant.


Questions of a General Nature



Tell me what makes you a good caregiver [or why you believe you will be a good caregiver] in your view.

What prompted you to apply for a position as a caregiver?

What prompted you to apply for a position at this agency?

Tell me about any personal or professional objectives you have and how you plan to achieve them.

Tell me about a moment when you exhibited [one of your company's ideals].

Which elements of your work tire you down or discourage you the most?

Tell me about the greatest day you've ever had at work and what made it so great.

What do you do to keep yourself motivated to work hard during times of low motivation?

What is your most cherished accomplishment outside of work?

What do you aim to achieve in this position?

What three words would you want to see on your epitaph?

Tell me about the last time someone showed you kindness. What prompted your admiration?

When you begin a new job, do you establish personal objectives for yourself? If yes, can you tell me about any previous goals you've made and how they went?


What is your greatest difficulty as a caregiver [or what do you anticipate it will be], and what have you done/are you planning to do about it?

Tell me about the aspect of working with elders that excites you the most.

What is the most fascinating aspect about you that we don't know about from your resume?

Which of your values are most important to you?


What would the title of your autobiography be?

What do you believe is your biggest weakness as an employee, and how have you addressed it?

Which of your personality traits do you believe makes you the most useful to employers?

Which animal, if any, would you want to symbolize you as an employee?

Questions Regarding Prior Experience

Inform me about your previous experience dealing with elders.

Why did you quit your previous position?

What was the most difficult aspect of leaving your previous job?

How much experience do you have dealing with [Alzheimer's or another ailment] patients? What obstacles did you face when working with these customers, and how did you overcome them?

Tell me about a moment when you took care of an elderly person. Which aspect of the experience was the most challenging, and which was the most significant to you?

Tell me about a moment when you had to deal with a particularly tough client [or customer]. What made working with them tough, and what did you do to address the problem and assist them?

Tell me about a moment at a previous work when you made a mistake. What did you do to rectify the situation?

What is the most significant lesson you've learned from your previous jobs?

Tell me about a time when you failed (at your job or in your personal life). What would you have done differently if you could go back in time?

What do you want to accomplish at the future job that you haven't accomplished at previous jobs?

Tell me about your most gratifying previous work and what made it so satisfying.

What is your most cherished accomplishment from a previous job?

Tell me about a time when you were punished at work. How were you notified of the correction?

Competency-based Questions

Describe how the experience shown on your CV has helped you in developing the abilities required to be an effective caregiver.

Consider that you're looking for a caretaker for one of your family members. Which characteristics or abilities are most important to you as a caregiver?

What, in your opinion, is the most critical skill for a caregiver to possess? Tell me about a moment when you used this ability in your job as a caregiver or another capacity.

Share a story with me about a moment when you discovered you lacked a necessary talent for your work and how you developed that expertise.

Which characteristic or ability do you believe customers will appreciate the most?

What is one work-related talent you're eager to improve?

What are the top three talents or characteristics that you would seek in someone applying for this position?

Which talent area do you believe you are most qualified to be a caregiver in, and which skill area do you believe you are least suited to be a carer in?

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