August 12, 2022
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What are the Questions every family caregiver should ask an agency?

An elderly parent may attempt to minimize their difficulties out of concern for their busy adult offspring. However, we all want our parents to have the best life possible, and we want them to have the best caregiver to make sure all their needs are met.

Creating a list of questions will assist you in remaining focused during the agency interview. Maintaining meticulous records of each response will make it simpler to evaluate the responses. This will assist you in making an impartial, confident choice.

The following are some of the questions you should ask, along with an explanation of why each is critical.

#1: Are caregivers employed by the agency or are they contracted?

Generally, a home care service that hires its caregivers may arrange for your mother to have the same caregiver each day. Continuity of care ensures that your mother and the caregivers who help her get to know one another. This provides caregivers with an advantage in identifying changes and alerting them in time to intervene.

#2: Does the home care agency do background checks on new employees?

Adult children frequently express concern about the safety of having a stranger in their loved one's home when family members are not present to supervise. At Griswold Home Care, we take this very seriously. Indeed, fewer than 5% of candidates pass our rigorous screening procedure.

You have a right to know who will be visiting your mother and how thoroughly the home care agency has screened them. Bear in mind that you are entrusting caretakers with someone you care about, as well as medicines, personal belongings, and more. Continue to inquire about the screening and background check procedures until you are certain that you have located an organization that takes safety and security seriously.

#3: Are you able to meet the carers in advance?

Finding caretakers with whom your mother feels secure is critical, all the more so now that you live so far away. The majority of in-home care companies will enable prospective customers to meet the main caregiver who will be providing care for them in advance.

While other carers may visit your mother on occasion, such as when the main caregiver is sick or on vacation, you and your mother should ask each agency you are considering if you and your mother may meet the primary caregivers before signing a contract.

#4: Are caregivers insured and bonded?

While no one wants to believe the worst, it is necessary to ask this question just in case. Determine the procedure if assets go missing or the caregiver inadvertently damages anything costly.

#5: How are carers educated?

One of the characteristics that distinguish a high-quality home care firm from others is the amount of time and money invested in caregiver training at the time of hiring and on an ongoing basis. It's critical to choose an in-home care service that stays current on industry trends and developments.

#6: What is the employee turnover rate of the home care agency?

Due to the stress associated with caring for the elderly or those with disabilities, turnover in this sector is greater than in other occupations. A turnover rate of more than 50%, on the other hand, may signal a concern.

#7: What kind of contract is necessary?

Another critical issue is the agency's fee structure and the kind of contract needed. Ascertain that you understand the hourly cost, if overnight or weekend rates are higher, any additional charges that may apply, and whether there is a minimum hourly requirement per visit or month.

Additionally, inquire about the notice period needed to cancel the contract. If the agency is not a suitable match for your mother, you want to avoid being locked into a long-term contract.

Finally, get a copy of the contract to examine before making your final choice.

#8: Are you able to communicate with other customers and their families?

References are required. Request a list of existing customers and family members with whom you may speak. Make certain you contact at least three of them to ascertain their level of satisfaction and length of tenure with the agency. Long-term customers are often indicative of superior service, while a client list composed only of short-term clients may indicate that something is wrong.

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