August 12, 2022
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Ways to Combat Caregiving Fatigue

The daily cycle of personal care, medical regimen, worry, and queries can seem never-ending. Caregivers experience a wide range of feelings, including anger, discouragement, resentment, guilt, fear, worry, and/or grief. When a person's time and energy are constantly asked of them, burnout is prevalent. However, God provides actual peace and assurance that such difficulty will not overwhelm a caretaker.

Ways to Combat Caregiving Fatigue

· Get into God’s Word

· Just say, No! and ask for help

· Don’t take on more than you can handle

· Learn to relax: read, listen to music, take a walk or a bath

· Stay healthy: eat well, get proper rest, exercise (Family caregivers often put their own healthcare needs aside due to the time, financial, or emotional constraints of caregiving and are at high risk for depression, chronic stress, anxiety, head and backaches, and stomach/intestinal disorders)

· Pray (a majority of caregivers say prayer helps in coping with stress)

· Stay educated on issues (Internet, doctor, health professionals, reading materials)

· Turn to family, friends, loves ones for support and guidance

· Join a support group, if you wish

· See a doctor if stress becomes overwhelming

· Pace yourself

· Plan for time off from caregiving

· Set limits

· Laugh more!

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