Why People Should Move to a Care Home Facility | Promoting Independence in Care Homes 2021

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good morning

god's kingdom is at hand you are not


it is well it is

best to try and think ahead about if and

when the transition

to an assisted care living facility

might be necessary usually the reason

for considering a move

into a care assisted facility is to


24-hour supervision or ensure

an improved quality of life and social

contact for someone who may

have become isolated residential care

or assisted care facility is sometimes

the only option

even if the person themselves does not


you are not alone the decision

will always be a difficult one to make

moments of

guilt questioning and re-questioning

whether the decision is right

or not and so forth you are not

alone always put your loved ones best

interest first people with dementias but


might need to make the move into a care

living facility

for a number of reasons their needs

might have increased as their dementia

has progressed

and you are finding it increasingly

difficult to stay on top of their needs

all because of an over crisis such as a


or it might be because the family or

carer is no longer able to support

the person and you are left alone and

able to

cope single-handedly whatever the reason

the move can be very very difficult

practically and emotionally for anyone


everyone involved especially you the


caregiver and not a lot of people

understand that

they only have a blurred bird's-eye view

of what you are going through

and often they're not offering minimal


if at all at that but quick to criticize

and profess to have a valid input

when the crisis and the chances arise

you are not alone or maybe

your loved one may not be able to live

by themselves especially with a

cognitive illness

family and friends may not be able to

move into their home with them

and the cost of hiring a private


might not be an option due to financial


if your loved one is unable to drive or

leave their home unassisted

it may be difficult for them to pick up


groceries or even attend doctor's


you are not alone

nursing home placements would be an


when your loved one have problems such

as disorientation confusion

dementia memory loss the progression of

alzheimer's disease just to mention a


most elderly parents need assistance

with activities such as

dressing bathing toileting eating


and caring for incontinent episodes

you are not alone always put your loved


needs first in their best interests at


other reasons could be that your loved


has fallen down multiple times resulting


bruises broken bones or either

injuries or maybe their frequent need to

visit emergency rooms or be

hospitalized due to unstable health

specialized care facilities have

in-house doctors

and nurses on site therefore able to

assist with

various medical issues perhaps the

ability to perform

basic day-to-day activities has declined

or is declining because of the cognitive

and physical impairment maybe

they are frequently getting lost and


after wandering away from home this sign

is especially relevant to knowing when

to put

someone with dementia in a nursing home

or a care facility

most care facilities or care home


are equipped to deal with such matters

as they have cameras and mobilize

pendants to alert staff when one leaves

a designated

area of maneuver another could be your

loved one suffers from severe bladder

or even bowel incontinence therefore you

are unable to cope

or maybe your loved one is becoming more

and more

socially withdrawn or becoming less and


interested in doing fun activities

care facilities have frequent engaging

activities with

multiple groups activities to keep your

loved one

socially engaged another reason

could be physicians have said it is time


nursing home care or maybe you have

injured yourself while caring for your

parent or loved one

more common reason is caregiving

is taking a toll on your own physical

or mental health if you are unable to

care for yourself

how can you adequately care for your

own loved one the stay

does not have to be permanent short

stays are

also available most common is the time

you are spending

as a caregiver is straining your other

important relationships

it may sound selfish but caregiving does

take up a lot of your time and attention

just getting through the day alone is a


one would be surprised how many

relationships have

been tarnished due to caregiving and one


notice that they are starting to

skip essential caregiving tasks because

they have become

too challenging in turn developing a

quick temper

and you are often feeling irritated

or frustrated or even mine on even

minor things or perhaps you have noticed

that caregiving is consuming your mind

making it difficult to focus on other


other relatives especially and without

enough financial support or help

from other family members to continue


on your own and you can't afford

more hours of professional in-home care

it becomes more strenuous mentally

and in turn physically duly noted by

your friends or colleagues who are

worried about your well-being and they

are urging you to explore

other long-term care options you

are not alone always put your loved ones

needs first and in their

best interest please do discuss it with

complying family members

health professionals for further input


you you are not alone

and please do have no guilt there is

nothing to feel guilty about

when it comes to putting a loved one or

a family member

into a care or living facility

the guilt usually just takes over

one minute you all yes this is the

decision i need to make the

next minute it is how can i possibly

make this decision

what are people gonna think of me uh am

i just going to leave them in there

am i doing the right thing all of the

above it comes flooding in

and then the next minute and an episode

occurs and then you think to yourself

really there is no other

option i can't carry on like this but

do talk to somebody in order to get a

clear review

of what needs to be done because if your

health is

if your health is deteriorating due to

it mentally and

physically you are not going to be

able to care for your loved one in the


in which you originally set out to do

it is not going to be an adequate care

that you're going to be providing for


and in turn will be harming them rather

than making them well

or harming yourself rather than making

them feel better or comfortable

so to speak but do speak to somebody

and please don't have any guilt

no condemnation in jesus christ man

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