The Word Of God Makes The Foolish And Simple Wise

Those who take the time to listen to the Word of God experience a transformation on a deep level. It has the potential to alter lives and bring about a shift in mentalities. The act of receiving God's Word causes a shift in our worldview and enables us to comprehend things in a different way. It enlightens us on things that we would have remained ignorant of in the absence of this. The Word of God enlightens even the most naïve and ignorant among us. This book enlightens us regarding the nature of God, His will for our lives, and His strategy for our salvation. The Word is alive and powerful, penetrating both our hearts and our minds with the truth that it contains. As we continue to receive it, we undergo a transformation from the inside out. We became more like Jesus and less like our old selves. The Holy Spirit uses the Word of God, which is a powerful tool, to transform us into the image of Christ. This transformation takes place over time.

C.O.G Here2Serve 247 was created with the sole purpose of making the lives of caregiving individuals, friends and families a lot easier

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