Prayer Is Not Merely Saying Words

Prayer Is Not Merely Saying Words. The act of communicating with the divine and bringing one's will into alignment with God's will is what we refer to as prayer. Prayer can be expressed in a variety of ways, from a straightforward reading of scripture to an emotional release expressed through song, and everything in between. Prayer, in any shape or form it may take, is always an act of faith and a reaching out to a higher power for direction and strength. Prayer can be a savior in times of trouble and a way to cling to hope even when it may appear that there is no longer any. In times of happiness, it can be a way of expressing gratitude and of sharing one's good fortune with the rest of the world. The act of praying is a transformative one, with the potential to bring about change in both one's thoughts and feelings. Prayer is an act that is deeply personal for each of us, and it connects us to something that is much bigger than ourselves, whether it is uttered aloud or held close in silence.

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