Prayer Awakens And Sustains Hope

Hope is a witness to what is right in the world. It spreads the message that anything is possible. The arrival of joy and tranquilly are heralded by the presence of hope. Hope is the emotion that never gives up and is always encouraging. Hope is the conviction that God's love and mercy are actively at work in one's circumstances. When we pray, we are filled with hope. The expectation that God will answer our prayers. The expectation that our prayers will be heard and answered. I have hope that through praying together, God and I will become more closely acquainted with one another and with ourselves. When we are worn down, when we are in pain, and when we are having a hard time, hope is what keeps us going. Hope is the beacon that enables us to make it through even the most trying of times. During the storms of life, hope is the anchor that keeps us safe and secure. The ability to have hope is a gift from God that enables us to see His goodness and mercy even in the midst of difficulties and tests that we face. When we pray, we are filled with hope. And until we see the answer to our prayers, it is hope that keeps us going day after day.

C.O.G Here2Serve 247 was created with the sole purpose of making the lives of caregiving individuals, friends and families a lot easier

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