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My interest in the Mistreated Past has never been strong. Why waste time trying to educate yourself about something that took place in the past and cannot be altered? When I started taking classes in world history in college, everything started to change. I had never before understood history as anything more than a list of names and dates, but that day opened my eyes. I started to see it as the story of humanity, complete with triumphs and tragedies, highs and lows, and everything in between. The way in which people have been mistreated throughout history has left a particularly strong impression on me. I was astounded by the manner in which certain groups of people were treated solely on the basis of the colour of their skin or the ethnicity of their ancestry, whether it concerned the expulsion of Native Americans from their land or the denial of fundamental rights to African Americans. This course opened my eyes to the importance of drawing lessons from the past in order to ensure that future generations do not make the same mistakes as our forebears. Otherwise, we will continue to mistreat each other, and the generations that come after us will judge us with the same severity that we judge the generations that came before us.

good morning

god's kingdom is at hand you are not


it is well oh how

the tables have turned

funny how things turn around in the

blink of an

eye isn't it the person who used to

treat you

so badly now needs your help

with their care perhaps for years since

you can remember

the verbal abuses the mistreatment

sometimes resembling even

slavery my ad the manipulation

the domination and the malice of it all

all weighing heavily on your mind

causing mixed emotions of resentment

and the need or requirement to provide

care for them either through willingness

or because they have

no one else either way you have

answered the call to care you

are not alone overcoming the resentment

is the hardest part with constant


continuous reminders of their

mistreatment towards you

most times making it unbearable to be

in the mere company alone aggravating


every inch of being you find yourself

snapping at them like they used to do at

you how the tables

have turned now you're

in the position to treat them as they

did you

now you have the upper hand

with power comes great responsibility

it is easy to treat them as they treated


but then that makes you just like them

many people like to take the easy option

yet the harder is always more rewarding

to forgive you see

forgiving them releases you from that

tight noose of resentment around your


allowing you to confront them from a


peaceful perspective will encourage them


open to a reasonable dialogue which

will in turn enable you to put some

of the said to rest

hence allowing you to move on praise god

bringing you closer together to have

the relationship you have yearned for

the relationship

you have always wanted but never had

and if all fails at least you know you

have had

you have made your peace by forgiving


and letting go of the past to embrace

the present because today is a present

and not many people have been blessed to


this present to forgive

is also another way of having closure

as it takes so much energy so much


and all other emotions to maintain or


resentment in fact it is stifling

and tightened at every thought

life is but a vapor far too

short would you not agree forgive

let go and you too shall be forgiven for

your shortcomings

no one is perfect but we can do

all things through christ who


us to being perfect as he

is perfect

you are not alone

oh how the tables have turned

with great powers comes great


i since my career as a professional

caregiver i have come across so many

people are the pain

so many people in this situation

and they as most of them think that

since they are now in a higher position

to enforce some kind of in more


torture towards their parents for what

they did to them

it's going to somehow make them feel

better but in turn it doesn't

it just makes them go around even more


circles of emotional turmoil

it is not worth it it takes so much

energy to

hate it takes so much stress

but to release the stress by forgiving


forgetting might be a little bit harder

but forgiving them from your heart

and saying you know what you did what

you did

you had your time to to do better to me

but you didn't

but i am now in this position

to care for you the option to treat you

like you treated me

but i'm not going to do that i am better

than that

i am going to treat you the way i wanted

me to be treated by you

so forgive them and care for them

from a place of love that is all that

you can do

and in turn it gives you the upper hand


god bless

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