How Stress Effects your Mental Health | Techniques that will Reduce Stress | Mental Health Tips 2021

The widespread issue of Stress Effects, which can have repercussions for both one's body and mind, is a common one. It's possible that you're dealing with stress if you're finding yourself frequently feeling overwhelmed or under pressure. There are some beneficial effects of stress as well. It can help you perform better under pressure and motivate you to get what you want out of life if you take it in moderation. However, when it is persistent and excessive, it can have a negative impact on your health and bring on symptoms such as anxiety, depression, irritability, and difficulty sleeping. In order to cope with stress, some people turn to unhealthy coping mechanisms such as binge eating, substance abuse, or drinking too much alcohol. Chronic stress can contribute to serious health problems such as high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke, and diabetes if it is allowed to continue without being addressed. The encouraging news is that there is a wide variety of physically and mentally beneficial ways to deal with stress. Exercising, practising relaxation techniques such as mindfulness meditation, and simply getting out into nature are all excellent ways to combat the negative effects of stress. Do not be afraid to seek the assistance of a mental health professional if you find that your stress is becoming too much to handle or if it is causing problems in your life. You will be able to begin managing your stress and living a life that is more balanced if you have the appropriate treatment plan.

good morning

god's kingdom is at hand you are not


it is well a carer is anyone who


care for any person in need such as this

child an aging parent a husband or

wife a friend or maybe even a neighbor

caregivers or caregiving can be very

very rewarding but it can also be

extremely challenging

dress from caregiving is common

women especially are at risk for the

harmful health effects of

caregiver stress caregiver stress

is due to the emotional and physical


of caregiving caregivers report much

higher levels of stress than people who


not caregivers many caregivers are

providing help

or are uncool almost every single day

some caregivers may feel overwhelmed by

the amount of care they

their aging or sick or disabled family

member needs caregiver stress can

take many many forms but

you you are not alone

you may feel frustrated and angry one

minute and helpless the next you may


mistakes when giving medication or you

may turn

to unhealthy behaviors like smoking for


or drinking too much alcohol other signs

and symptoms include

feeling overwhelmed feeling alone

isolated or dis deserted by others

sleeping too much or too little

gaining or even losing a lot of weight

feeling tired

most of the time losing interest in

activities you used to enjoy and i mean

thoroughly enjoy feeling worried or

sad suddenly having headaches or body


very often some of the way stress

affects caregivers include depression

and anxiety women who are caregivers are

most likely than men to develop symptoms

of anxiety and depression

which leads to weak immune systems and

you know you don't need that

moment and god is

faithful always faithful stressed

caregivers may spend more days sick

with the cold or flu a weak immune


can also make vaccines such as flu shots

less effective also it may take longer

to recover from surgery

stress causes more weight gain in women


in men although obesity rises your risk

of other health problems such as heart


strokes and diabetes at a higher risk

for chronic disease

high levels of stress can also raise

your risk for health

problems such as heart disease cancer

diabetes or even arthritis

you may even experience problems with


memory or even paying attention merely


paying attention might be even a problem

for you at the moment

caregivers of spouse with alzheimer's


are at higher risk for problems with


memory and focusing caregiving stress

can be

minimized managed and

eliminated you

are not alone please do ask for

help see your doctor for checkups find

time to be physically active on most

days of the week

choose healthy foods and get enough

sleep i know it is

difficult but try your best

and overly praise god do try and get

some in

some enough sleep at least ask for and


help i know it's hard but you can do it

and make a list of ways others can help


such as getting groceries or sitting

with the person

while you do an errand you'll find that

the fresh air will do

a lot of good walking is always good

a quiet little stroll in the evening or

mid afternoon

or early in the morning perhaps it will


do you good

another way is making a list of ways

others can help you such as getting

groceries or sitting with a person while

you do

an errand this will give you some mind


mind space what a lovely word mind space

for even simple things like a stroll

to the shops dramatically eases your

stress levels

make a to-do list set a daily routine

stay in touch with your family and


do things you enjoy with your loved ones

take care of your health i can't stress


enough take care of your health because

if you don't

you won't be around to take care of the

person you are caring for

and everything you have done till now

will completely

completely go down the drain

you are not alone

i know the pandemic has not made it easy

at all but once it's over find

caregiving resources in your community

to give you a break

at least even if it's just for half an

hour your community may be

able to give you or guide you into the

right direction

the community may have adult daycare

services or respite services which you


knew about but the fact is

and the truth is you

are not alone you're not going through

this alone

it is well god knows exactly where you

are and he is always always faithful

i know the pandemic has made it

that extra bit harder i do apologize

i can only imagine the kind of stress

that you are

under at the moment probably not i

haven't slept for days

weeks probably on end constantly

at on edge and with anxiety and such

and you're just trying to find your way


as i'm sure everyone is but just do try

and find some time for yourself and do

do the things that you enjoy

i know it's only around the house

perhaps or even um

right now giving taking a walk down the


might even be difficult but if you can

get some quiet time for yourself to do

something you enjoy whether it's the


reading a book checking out

some things on google or even youtube

that can possibly put a smile on your


and make you laugh from the heart

laughter is key

god bless

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