Happy Birthday to You

You're special and deserve a celebrated day. So we've got a collection of greeting cards for your Birthday, designed as cinematic motion greeting cards. Get ready to be filled with so many emotions on this special occasion!

Cinematic motion is one of the most effective ways to convey emotion through words and graphics that can say way more than what is verbally expressed. C.O.G Here2serve 247 cinematic motion greeting cards are perfect for those who want their message to be understood loud and clear by the receiver, yet at the same time they want it to have all the right feel associated with it.

Cultivate an emotional bond with your loved ones by gifting them our Cinematic Motion Greeting Cards that will make them smile every time they look at them! From romantic greetings to funny quotes, you can find any kind of card for everyone in your life! Made from quality motion graphics, these cinematics will last long, eco-friendly paperless; besides, who says you should break your budget just because someone's birthday is coming up?

So why wait? Download and make someone's day special with C.O-G here2serve 247 cinematic motion greeting cards today!

once upon a time a person was born

it was you

who had your mama torn

you grew up to be fantastic

sometimes a little dramatic

and oftentimes very ecstatic


you don't know the difference between a


a sandal and the bottom of a stew

clumsy is the way you live your days

but that's what makes you you


happy birthday to you




C.O.G Here2Serve 247 was created with the sole purpose of making the lives of caregiving individuals, friends and families a lot easier

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