Effective And Fervent Prayer of The Righteous Avails Much

Effective and Fervent prayer avails much. What does it mean to be fervent in prayer? Fervent is defined as having or showing strong feeling or enthusiasm. Another definition includes being hot or glowing, almost to the point of fire. When we pray with fervency, it shows how much we care about what we are praying for. It indicates the importance we place on our request and the confidence we have that God hears us and will answer.

The dictionary definition of “avail” is “to be of use or benefit; to help.” When we pray fervently, our prayers are of avail – they are helpful and advantageous. They help us by aligning our hearts with God’s heart on the matter, and they help others by releasing the power of God into the situation. Fervent prayers of the righteous are powerful because they tap into the very heart of God.

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