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There are certain characteristics that are absolutely necessary to have in order to fulfil the responsibilities of a caregiver. You need to be patient first and compassionate second if you want to succeed. Caring for another person can be difficult, and you need to be able to keep your cool and keep a positive attitude even when things get challenging. In addition to that, you need to be dependable and well organised. It is common for caregivers to be responsible for organising medication schedules, making appointments with doctors, and managing other crucial responsibilities. This means that you need to be able to carefully follow instructions and keep track of specific information at the same time. Lastly, you need to have strong communication skills in order to succeed. It is essential to have effective communication in order to keep both the person receiving care and the person providing it informed and on the same page. If you possess these qualities, then you very well may have what it takes to be a good caregiver.


good morning

god's kingdom is at hand you are not


it is well easy living is

not a reason to be a caregiver


or in-home relations

being a caregiver is not easy if you are

in it for the money it is not easy it is

never easy

when you were younger when you felt ill

your mother

your father aunt brother or sister

not forgetting grandparents good old


sat beside you holding your hands

a kiss on the forehead covered you up

cuddled up to you praying

you well wholeheartedly

committed to standing by you

every sneeze blast every sweat

white every cough caught

tomato souped out through the days

it could have flowed out of your ears

for sure

through the night in prayer keeping


battling beside you they did it

wanting nothing in return

are you able to look after someone

as your parents looked after you when

you were younger

can you give your all in love and not

for financial or

physical rewards sake or gain sake

don't get me wrong we all need money

but it's not and should not be the


or inspiration to be a carer

because you see you will be dealing with

issues and situations there isn't enough

money in the world to settle that bill

for example cleaning soil beds sold

pads dealing with insults and abuses

which are chipping away at you and you


in if you have not got a thick skin

of love as your wall

your wall will crumble down like rubble

reduced to dust are you

able to put someone else first before


cope under pressure and with long hours

are you willing to adjust are you


compassionate patient i wanted to be a

caregiver because i know that there are

so many lots of elderly people out there

living alone without families to care

for them

most often unfortunately some


caregivers like to take advantage of


by not providing the quality care that

person needs

instead abusing or mistreating them

physically and emotionally

equally so believe it or not some

members of their family

are just as bad the elderly are running

further ahead to the end of their lives

and i personally feel that when one is

taken they ought to leave with happiness

joy comfort peace

and such not misery and mistreatment

abuse of any sort it is

despicable you see i

wanted to make a difference show that


everyone is the same with each household

or individual peace be upon them

an extended banner of peace because


not as the world knows it

but peace unimaginable therefore i am

committed to treating

each person as someone once when

when i was younger hey i saw that

do not be rude it was not that long ago

when i was younger

someone took care of me i treat

each person as my fan

i mean really why do you really want

to be a caregiver and be honest with


god knows all a worker is worth his key

money is not everything money is like a

one night stand

last for a moment then it's gone


i hate money what are your reasons for


it can only be by your choice to take it

or to leave it as a choice because

only you can make it it directly affects

your life and the person you are caring


so what is your reason for wanting to

take this on

what is your reason for wanting to be

a caregiver you see if it is forced

upon you as with anything inflicted by

force one's heart is never in it one

ends up causing more pain

more harm than the comfort they intended

either to oneself or the person they are

forced to take care of

through resentment bitterness and such

in this case i would suggest someone

else take care of the person

in question whether a care professional


or a nursing facility or any other

family member no really really be honest

with yourself

what are your reasons for wanting to be

a caregiver

not what you think i want to hear but

what you

are what you really really

want from caregiving what are your real

reasons for wanting to be a caregiver

your reasons for being a caregiver

should not

be for the money because if it is for

the money you will be greatly


long hours less pay

motivation going downhill straight

away so make sure it's for the right


and not for money god bless



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