Caregivers need to take care of themselves

As a caregiver, it is very important that you take care of yourself. Unfortunately, caregivers often neglect their own well-being in favour of taking care of the person they are caring for. This can have disastrous consequences for both the caregiver and the person they are caring for. In this video, we will discuss some key strategies that caregivers can use to improve their health and wellbeing.
We hope that this video helps you to feel more at ease with taking care of someone else and also gives you some tips on how to take care of yourself when no one else is around.


good morning God's kingdom is at hand

the channel that talks all things care

in complete confidence for as a

professional carer educated to

managerial level and itself I know

firsthand how hard it is to care for

somebody especially those caring for

their loved ones but unlike the families

I have cared for and I am caring and

supporting caring for someone can be

extremely hard as extremely difficult

emotionally and physically it is

demanding so on this channel we talk in

complete confidence giving you carers of

room and space to air out whatever you

are feeling or have felt whether it be

good or bad thoughts that you may have

had or maybe now you've been feeling

guilty about it I want you to know that

you are not alone this is the purpose of

this channel you are not alone today I'm

talking about the importance of respite

respite is not only important to the

carer but also to the person whom who is

being cared for because it give number

one it gives that it gives the carer a

chance to regroup energize re-energize

that yourself to release some stress

that the caring process does

unfortunately no matter how much you

love your family member whom you're

caring for it does put a lot of stress

upon yourself whether you would like to

admit it or not it is very stressful it

is very demanding and it's important

that you take care of yourself in order

for you to take care of your loved one

otherwise you'll find yourself

snapping you'll find yourself getting

angry and then agitated and then in turn

making the person whom you are caring

for also agitated and feeling as

- way either a zapper creaming it left

feeling as a burden towards yourself if

you are a child of the person you are

caring for for example I can tell you I

know of I have I know of family members

daughters and sons who have who had

taken on caring for their mother in such

a great deal they did such a great job

caring father for their loved one but it

was so demanding and without taking any

respite at all day in and day out day in

day out not getting enough sleep

probably two hours two hours a day and

sometimes even going probably about four

hours a day sometimes not having any

sleep at all between them and the

pressure blood pressures built up and

then finally one of one of the one of

the children actually because of the

high blood pressure collapsed it was too

much and they would not they could not

see themselves putting their mother in

care just so that they could have that

break for themselves so that they can

regroup for themselves they could not do

that especially the main reason being

because of the way the care system is

nowadays the lack of staff in the care

system meaning that they refer to them

as patients are referred to to clients

as a child of God so the children of God

are left to to to sleep in their own

faces in their own urine for hours on

end waiting for a carer to come round to

assist them this is one of the things

that causes a lot of problems for carers

which stops carers from seeking the help

that they so desperately desperately

need and this is the only help that is

going to an aid

you to move forward it is so important

no matter no matter what you think about

the care system going have it have a

look around check to place out you can

usually tell if it's a good place by the

smell of the care care home you can

usually tell by the attitude of the

staff you can usually tell by looking at

the people the children of God who are

seated around within the communal area

if they look droopy down uh no jetting

on you know without to life but

somewhere way there it's lots of life

you can see oh this is a good place and

please do take that on board it is so

important because you are not going to

assist your your sibling or the person

of whom you're caring for by not caring

for yourself


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