The Hidden Emotions of Caregiving: Guilt and Shame

Today we are talking about the hidden emotions of caregiving: guilt and shame. As a caregiver, you might feel guilty for not being able to do everything on your own or for feeling overwhelmed. You might also feel ashamed of your appearance or of what you are going through. If you are having these thoughts, it is important to talk to someone about them. Talking can help you process these emotions and make them easier to handle.


good morning God's kingdom is at hand

you are not alone

it is well being a caregiver is not easy

by any description of the word it is not

easy he is emotionally physically and

psychologically demanding from the

get-go I wonder it is very common more

common than one would like to admit fact

is after a prolonged period of time due

to stress strain an overwhelming burnout

caregivers find themselves having bad

thoughts wondering what life would have

been like if they did not answer the

call of caregiving the life you could

have had the career the marriage the

children perhaps even traveled the world

even to the extent of wanting this to

end thoughts about wanting the person

you are caring for to die and bring an

end to all of the suffering that you are

going through and feeling guilty about

thinking this way in turn beating

yourself up about it and the thing is

you can't talk to anyone about your

hidden thoughts because you are scared

of being judged call the weirdo and that

you are over react

Jame and guilt going round in your head

questioning yourself how can you think

that way how can you possibly think this

way about someone you love someone you

care about how can you think this one

especially after your loved one or the

one you are caring for has taken care of

you your children since you were born

since you can possibly remember now it

feels like you are going to abandon

throwing the towel in so to speak when

they need you the most the guilt is


you have even thought about running away

and not coming back crying in the

restroom when you have a minute

wanting and wishing it could all end

then at least you can move on everyone

else seems to be living their lives

enjoying their lives yet you are stuck

here day in day out you have most likely

thought about what if you were not here


simply because you have had enough

thoughts of having no life no one just

you going through the emotional

psychological tormenting pain whilst

watching your loved one or the one you

are caring for deteriorate helplessly I

can only imagine at times you have even

asked yourself what's the point of life

especially when the person you are

caring for is constantly constantly

throwing verbal and physical abuse at

you what's the point not to mention the

constant wake-up calls it's silly or

o'clock in the morning the trips to the

doctor's the cleaning ups changing of

pads perhaps hoisting lack of energy but

you still have to carry and you do you

feel like you're on an island when no

one can hear you cry your SOS pool is

going a mess as no one is coming to help

not to mention the care system is not

making it any easier either as you

requests are falling on deaf ears as

they are constantly getting it wrong

every single time how can that be how

can you possibly get something wrong

every single time you just want it all

to stop it is a scary place to be but

have no fear you are not alone these are

the unspoken thoughts caregivers have

due to burnout

but rarely if at all talked about do

remember although you cannot control

your thoughts you can control the

reactions all the actions to those

thoughts the more frequent the thoughts

know that it is time to have a break you

need rest but please do look into

getting your loved one into a nursing

home or an adequate care facility so you

yes you child of God can have a

well-deserved well-earned break or just

a couple of weeks it will do you a whole

lot of good you see

if you carry on the way you have been

are doing you will not be around to take

that holiday or have that life you have

been praying for I know but these times

having helped either with you

sleepwalking in what seems like a

zombified state in your never-ending

daily routine thinking there has to be

more to life than this there has to be

more to life than this I understand it's

hard to see the woods from the trees but

there is a light in that darkness I can

assure you you are not alone you need

rest and lots of words speak to your

signed nurse about getting restful most

people do not feel comfortable about

admitting their secret hidden thoughts

out loud due to fear of being sanctioned

in the mental institute

units or authorities taking action

against them or their loved ones being

removed from them therefore end up

feeling like they it's okay I do


but take action now whilst you still can

and get that much much needed restaurant

and help and don't beat yourself up you

are a child of God you are never ever

alone regardless the unspoken guilt of

caregiving is deeply rooted it is deeply

rooted in our thoughts but you keep to

yourself all of the time constantly

especially when things get a bit too

much for you on top of you the stress

levels shouting if she if that person

pulls out for me one more time one more

time one more time I swear I will you

know and then the thoughts from plotting

it I do understand but do cast them down

while you're waiting for the

professionals do pass them down okay and

rise over cast them down to the Almighty


while you're waiting for that profession

you're not alone it is comes out of

feeling guilty afterwards feeling for no

better word your rubbish will we really

do you feel rubbish for thinking in the

way that you have and then the tiredness

music overwhelming tiredness of the

constant wake up up and down there not

being able to do but you want when you

want even having that cup of tea in

peace or watching your loved one with

the one you are caring for in constant

pain and feeling ever so happens it is

not a good place to be right now

what do caused it


- I praise God for providing the comfort

the love strength the peace that you so

need and having you in in the power of

his love and completely overwhelming you

with his protection and his confidence

and strength for you

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