How To Help Your Parent Who Refuses Assistance

Watching a parent struggle can be difficult for anyone, but it can be especially trying when the parent refuses to accept assistance. The following is a list of things that you can do to help ease their burden and show that you care about them:

1. Donate some of your time. Informing your parent that you are available to assist them in any way, whether it be by running errands, providing assistance around the house, or simply spending time together, can be of great assistance.

2. Be respectful. It's easy to lose your cool when things don't go as planned, but it's important to keep in mind that your parents are still people who should be treated like adults. Demonstrating patience and understanding is going to get you very far.

3. Maintain an open line of communication. Have a conversation with your parent about what they are going through and how you can be of assistance to them. It may make all the difference in the world if you let them know you are there for them.

4. Seek outside assistance. Check to see if there are any community resources or professional services that can assist your parent if they are struggling with a problem related to their health or finances.

5. Be flexible. It is possible that your parents' requirements will shift over time; therefore, you should be ready to modify your assistance accordingly. The most essential thing is that you are available to them whenever they have a requirement for your assistance.


Are you struggling to help your parent who refuses assistance? Do they seem impossible to convince? Don't worry, you're not alone. In this video we will discuss some easy ways that you can help your parent understand and accept the need for assistance. We'll also give you tips on how to deal with stubbornness and resistance in order to get them the help they need.

So if you're feeling frustrated or just want to support someone who is getting a hard time, make sure to watch this video!


good morning God's kingdom is at hand

you are not alone it is when love is

kind love is gentle love knows no bounds

love is not critical or jealous love

does not boast it is not self-seeking

and does not exalt itself above others

it is not easily angered love does not

delight itself in evil but rejoices in

truth it always protects always trusts

always persevere love keeps no records

of wrongs or holds no grudges but warm

and tender with beck and then till death

do us a sentiment you have held true and

dear meaning every word Christ from the

foundation of you through the years you

have remained ageless in each other's

life teenagers at heart the few wrinkles

and flaws that point out are what makes

them even more attractive in your eyes

the fact is the years have passed the

kids have grown the stairs are becoming

longer the body getting tired faster

there is a saying your baby twice first

when you were born second when you are

old no one can stop it no matter how

well you eat take care of yourself no

money or worldly possessions

stop I know it breaks your heart to see

your life partner and spouse this way

the thoughts of times gone by or for

good old days only makes you fall deeper

in love and filled with a determination

to care for them the best you can no

matter the struggle and hardship your

children can see their role model of

real love and how it should be in both

of you they're trying to honor their

mother and father as it is written that

to be told you are afraid of losing your

spouse can't bear life without them

understandably through guilt of letting

your spouse down by not being there even

for a few hours in the day you have

taken on everything and reluctant to

allow anyone else assist you is this you

or perhaps due to thoughts like what if

they need me and I'm not there or no one

knows them as I do they don't know what

they like how they like it for example

how they like the toast and coffee or

tea and so on it's so caring I

understand a bond like yours is hard to

break and even harder to come by God

knows you are highly blessed to have

found your spouse and live the life you

have and may I add the life you still

are living and yet to live don't feel

guilty but appreciate the life you have

had the great children whomever flaws

and they could be many and the

foundation you have instilled now they

too have a duty to their children to

show their children how to care and the

family you have helped build this can

only be done by assisting you in helping


for your spouse don't worry you are

still and will always remain the primary

caregiver don't worry you see what

they're trying to do is with you and

your spouse in mind their plea to help

you is not because they feel you are

unable to but from a place of love for

the both of you just as you can't stand

to see your spouse in this way they

can't stand to see you two going through

this so tired and you and your spouse in

this way it is all from a place of love

and nobody is trying to remove you from

being the primary camp I know it is

extremely hard for you to ask for help

especially your generation like to take

everything on get it done by yourself

yes I will struggle through I will get

it done

you've even probably been called a

stubborn so-and-so and God knows what

else we won't go into it when it comes

to asking for help you are yes you can

be stubborn but to us and it shall be

given unto you there is no shame in

asking for help we all need it I'm sure

you have told your children this many

times but now it's your time to practice

what you preach correct me if I speak

out of turn but there are some concerns

you are unable to voice to your children

or your family or anyone for that matter

concerns such as not wanting to be a

burden great you see the thing is you

are not about you will never ever be a

especially to your children the thing is

they may not know what it is but you are

concerned about or not talking about or

keeping private to yourself but they can

see it in your eyes and your actions

fear not the word says cast all your

burdens upon me for I care for you I

will never leave you nor forsake you the

most excellent way is below and you are

highly highly blessed to have found such

a lot that's your sense but your

children are equally blessed to have

found such parents caring parents as


you are not only and love never ever

love never plans to the child or the

children or anyone whose kindest best of

Hammond's with caring who is caring for

us I would say understand but they do

not want to be separated or put into a

care home or even losing their home and

everything they all do you see accepting

help can be a self admittance failure to

them and their snaps they don't want to

be a burden to this generation yeah they

can be stubborn but what do you pause

for dude pause so I would say approach

with extreme care take everything very

slowly for example start off by taking a

walk to the shops together all of you if

they are real you take a taking a walk

together to the shops to get milk for

example making excuses to get milk or

just to get some fresh air

and if they can't walk then I would

suggest maybe cooking together or

talking about what he or she was like

when they were young you'll find that

engaging them in this way will brighten

them up and open their minds up to even

talking about other things in depth

which they hold dear which they are

which they are confining within their

hearts they will open up and you know

let out a couple of secrets you you

would have never thought about and if

they can't do that then I would suggest

maybe gardening can be in one way it

also gives you an opportunity to spend a

whole lot more time in the outdoors and

if you can maybe you can't garden at the

moment you will definitely learn

skills or maybe coffee or tea out eating

out then moving on to something much

more difficult which you will not find

them but they may find difficult I can

you can suggest for example that you can

stay at home and look after your mom or


while they popped out to the shops to

get milk for instance if that is not a


at this stage I would probably have to

get creative in crafting

wink wink with a cheeky smile before

embarking on the biggest dance where

they have to go out for a longer period

of time with the craftiness I wouldn't

usually suggest it but in this occasion

- well for example hiding a bottle of

milk so that they would have to go out

and get a bottle of milk or perhaps

getting bread as an example but you can

work creatively I know you can but do

reassure them at every critical stage

and take that you are not taking over

the welfare systems you are providing

you are not taking over and that is not

your motive

you are only there merely to spend time

with them together and to the parent who

is reluctant to get versus of things I

would say do open because your children

do need you and they can see the

struggle but they they do want to help

you and they're not trying to take over

they're only trying to assist you and

this is the only way but they know

to spend time working with both of you

and to assist you from much much longer

period of time I know you a children can

never love you more than you love them

although they would like to challenge

you on that just as you loved you hands

way to do love you very very dearly

don't deny them don't deny them that

which allows them to spend time with

both while longer along the Puritan

wildly and finally just put each other's

thoughts at heart an approach with

discretion because love never fails and

you both you all love each other very

very much

and love never fails no amount of money

can buy and you are so so blessed to

have found such love on God's green

earth you you knew

if you like what you've been listening

to do like subscribe and share the

channel for the growth of the channel so

that a whole lot more people will learn

to appreciate the elderly and God

willing treat them a whole lot better

making a change


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