Caring For Yourself When You're A Carer: Tips and Advice On Handling Stress And Anxiety

Today we're going to be discussing the topic of caring for yourself when you're a carer. As a carer, you are an important part of your loved one's life and deserve to be taken care of too. In this video, we are going to share with you some tips and advice on how to handle stress and anxiety while being a carer. We hope that this video will help you feel more in control and empowered when it comes to caring for yourself.

good morning God's kingdom is at hand

you I'm not alone it is well so today is

challenging whatever you say your loved

one caring for it's just not listening

they are just not listening what used to

work is not working and it feels like

you are at your hands going round in

circles it's okay I understand I

completely understand let's face it we

have all been that you are definitely

you are not alone you see the reason it

is getting to more than ever is due to

the geographical crisis that's going on

any minute which has been going on and

here you are trying to deal with

everything all at once which you cannot

and only ending up failing as a saying

goes trying to save everyone you end up

saving you know I have had verbal abuse

aggressive abuse belittling comments

thrown at me I know what it's like

feeling with difficult unresponsive I

really do

and I completely understand where you

are and how you must be feeling I really

do and I sympathize with you

it can get heated if you allow it by

being sucked into the behavior either

due to Egor wanting to prove a point of

being right and they are wrong it's it

just will not work turning into yes no

yes no yes no firing match in the

playground it does not work you are

literally hitting your head against even

with the presentation physical evidence

you are hitting your head against a

brick wall continuously you probably

most likely will be called a liar or

maybe you already have been called a

liar numerous times due to this and yet

you are still repeating the same the

same thing over and over again learn

from your mistakes

readjust see what you need to do is pull

yourself out of the problem so you can

identify the problem and then deal with

it productively for you see if you are

in the problem you do not have a

bird's-eye view of situation and the

problem you cannot survey the area the

term end of your nose

what I mean by that is take out how it

makes you feel take yourself out of the

problem it is not about you it is not

about you this is not to cause you pain

in any way they just don't know they

doing number one redirects your

attention to how your loved one who are

caring is feeling or could be feeling

draw conclusion as to the reason they

could be active or reacting the way they

are put yourself in their shoes what

would you want to be done if it was you

in their shoes you don't understand

what's going on you are trying to you

are trying to get to grasp your head

around a feeling you cannot explain and

everything is just aggravating you

instead forget about your I agree to


redirect your attention identify an

address of positive aspect to the

conversation and stare in that direction

I know this will be hard when you think

about it especially when you're being

grown verbal abuse maybe never even

physical abuse at you but do try and

compliment the positive way in which

your loved one handled something in

reference to the conversation whether

gentle reassuring tone of voice this you

has always worked for me

and then redirect them turn them around

into another conversation

for example something from their past

and something they had for lunch

for example an object and the table the

way they address that will usually read

avert their attention from the

conversation that of ration which is

taking place and it will have a positive

impact maneuvering away from the

conversation that is causing that

negative reaction slowly but surely

changing the conversation or better yet

moving to a different room all together

this definitely this will definitely

work I know at times you do not even

realize you have been absorbed until

your blood is close to boiling boiling

right just remember it is not about your

pride dignity or intelligence but if you

allow yourself to be absorbed you will

be drawn in so just let it go

it is not worth fighting over you will

remember the details but they will not

remember what the conversation was about

two minutes ago and yet still fighting

you are a child of God and bargains you

are definitely not


so many times I have come across

colleagues and watch them having these

are things with clients yes you are you

doing this and they're saying no you did

this and yet you can you've been clearly

they know that they didn't do it

or perhaps so a loved one is looking

after and blatantly blatantly knows that

they did not put an object in a certain

place and it has been moved or he has

been spilt over or he has been given

because it's no longer there and it

there's only two people in the house and

if one of them do and if they didn't do

it then it must be their love with whom

they're caring for but the loved one is

so determined for saying no I did not I

never touched it I would never do that

you are calling me a thief and in all of

the above growing abuse that the care

giver and whatnot it is in the caregiver

getting so angry and frustrated and it

is sad to watch and I just have to say

this just stop just stop

take a breath walk back see what the

argument is really

see what it's really it is either

because of anyway it's either because

it's either because they feel


it is not directed so take don't focus

on the negative and when you when we

start focusing on what they've said

during the conversation will keep

niggling at you constantly at the back

of your head you'll be thinking about it

and getting frustrated over their

arguments and instead of just letting it

go because two minutes from now or

probably even a minute from the book

from what will be argued about important

from that Center and speak that you were

saying they had to what the

argument was originally about but the

conversation is still going on but of

the fight and the question is still

going on because they are focusing on

your tone of voice and how yummy they

can remember how not organization not

what you're saying so just step back it

really is not worth and it will just it

will make you angry aggravate your

aspiration for absolutely no reason

the other person it's not remembering

what the con sation remember the

throwing of objects perhaps even even

the deterrence and and what you can

remember all of that they can't remember

they really can't so here we're just in


they were compounds you know as well as

I do that we are constantly being tested

and this was a test of your endurance

and your patience there is a word and

that I want to leave with just think

about it is as if you have run with

footmen and they have worried you

then how can you contend with ulcers

just think about


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