August 11, 2022
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Tips for elderly coping with the stress induced by covid19

Elderly coping with the stress the most from covid19 invasion because of the social isolation they are subjected to. The dependence of elders on others for their movement and other day to day activities can also lead to problems as social distancing has to be kept in all the activities of a person. For example an elderly mother may require the support of her daughter to supply her groceries or for taking a shower. Another example is the case of an elderly person requiring the support of his family members for sorting out his mails and for sending checks to pay the bills. But the covid19 situation and the lockdown imposed can deter the people from coming to their house for many weeks or months together. This will prevent them from giving the simple help needed for the elders. What will happen if the bill is not paid in time and if his services are cut or a lot of interest gets accrued on the bill?

Isolation is experienced by elders when he is unable to move in public. Such a person is prevented from going to his favorite places like a church or a park. These effects become multiplied as elderly.


People do not have much access to technology platforms like Facebook, Skype etc. They also have lesser access to smartphones or video calls. Most of these elderly people have only pay per minute phone facility. These limited minutes often become insufficient to talk to their grandchildren or to the doctor in a satisfying manner. So it is not possible to think that virtual socialization will work better for this type of people.


According to a recent survey, fifty percent of elderly Americans have experienced loneliness even before the onslaught of the pandemic. The figure will considerably increase because of covid19. It has been proved that loneliness can create a major impact on the mental health of the person involved. It can create anxiety, depression, stress etc. and can interfere with his sleep during the night. Loneliness can also have an impact on his physical health. Important thing is to maintain his physical health and mental health and make sure that he is not feeling socially isolated. Here some tips to overcome loneliness are provided.

You are not alone

Humans are social beings. It is not a surprise that there are numerous ways to keep us connected even during social distancing. Video chatting is one such method. It has increased during the last few months and even seniors are taking part in weekly prayer meetings. Some common ways people spend time together over video are given below:

Weekly lunch with coworkers

Daily session to start the morning

Weekly prayer meetings

Streaming yoga sessions and fitness classes

Online multiplayer games

If you do not have anybody to start video chatting, just pick the phone and start calling some elderly relatives who might be feeling loneliness. Seeing faces and hearing voices can make you both happy. It will make you interested in continuing the call regularly.


Loneliness in physical health settings

Elders usually go to doctors more often than youngsters. Due to covid19 situation, non-covid19 patients are not getting opportunity to go to healthcare centers and get treatment there. In this manner the normal place for seniors to meet once in a while is also lost. Tele-health facilities provided in some countries are a good step in this regard as it will help seniors to get medical care without going away from their homes. They will also get to know their physical condition and can take precautions needed to safeguard them from infections.


Stay informed

Another easy method to combat the stress induced due to the spreading of covid19, is to stay well informed about various aspects of the pandemic. It is difficult to know what will happen next day, especially when the spreading of the virus is not controlled. But getting information from a trusted source about the risks involved and the methods to limit the infection and keep safe can make senior citizens considerably free from his anxieties. He may not be able to browse the net and find out the latest information. But he can use modern digital media and understand every incident and new information that is available in the world at the present instant. This knowledge will reduce his anxiety and keep him calm and motivated.

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