August 9, 2022
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My boyfriend is using tinder what can I do?


To swipe or not to swipe – that is the question. . Without clear communication and boundaries, it can be difficult to discern whether using dating apps while dating is acceptable.

My current boyfriend and I both have a laid-back attitude toward dating apps, as long as we don't start chatting up other people while using Tinder. I rarely use Tinder anymore, but every now and then, out of boredom, I check to see if anyone is still using it. My boyfriend and I continue to use Tinder for the sole purpose of amusing ourselves by laughing at the countless embarrassing profiles. Having been a regular user since college, I can confidently say that there are a lot of fake profiles out there.

Unlike when I first started using Tinder, I no longer go on it with the intention of finding someone I like. If I'm in a long-term relationship, then I'd be using Tinder solely for the purpose of having sex with anyone who catches my eye. Because I don't like anyone on Tinder, I'll admit that I've stopped using it. However, I'm confident that my boyfriend won't be alarmed if he sees me looking at other men. My relationship philosophy is that you can look, but you can't reach out and touch. Despite the fact that I know he's attracted to other women, I don't believe he'd use Tinder to pursue them.

The only time I found Tinder awkward was when I had to explain to friends that my relationship was still going strong despite them seeing my Tinder card. Tinder is an excellent example of people's tendency to assume that their relationships are in trouble when they see them on the app. There is no problem with using dating apps while in a relationship as long as you and your partner both understand that it is a harmless pastime with no long-term goals in mind. If I hadn't had that initial conversation with my boyfriend, I might have felt guilty about using Tinder.

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