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Can a caregiver date as well?

Back in high school, you probably noticed that taking your new love home to meet your parents was a nerve-wracking experience. Mom and Dad were expected to embarrass you in one way or another, but you've gotten through the embarrassment because you had to.     Now, fast forward a few decades. Who knew you […]

How to cope with bereavement and move on

You can feel overwhelming the loss of someone near you and you can feel a combination of feelings. Any stuff that you can do can help you live with your defeat and help others with your pain. Do I feel normal? Is what I feel normal?   You can be affected by several different factors […]

You are Being Heard By God

Caring for others is a huge responsibility to bear. You are supposed to meet the needs of others while upholding your own life. You're exhausted, lonely, helpless, and frazzled. Perhaps you are wondering if someone is paying attention to you as more attention is paid to the person in your care. Today, my dear, I […]

What are the questions for a caregiver's interview?

Almost every home care business owner will face the frustration of selecting a candidate who seems to be a perfect fit during the interview but performs badly on the job.   Often, this may be avoided by asking more detailed questions during the interview. Asking the appropriate questions during a caregiver job interview is a […]

Emmanuel is with us.

These are difficult times. Because of the pandemic, some of you may have been furloughed or lost your work. You may have feelings of numbness, anxiety, depression, or loneliness. You may not know how you will pay your rent, and you may be unable to see your loved ones in person owing to COVID limitations. […]

Caregiving As Journey Into The Character Of Christ

Your experiences as a caregiver can profoundly affect you, assisting you in becoming more like Christ by establishing a strong character. Caring for others will expose your motivations, passions, goals, and priorities while also challenging you to live more like Jesus. As a caretaker, you will discover how to rely on Jesus for strength and […]

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