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What Is Dementia? It’s Symptoms, Disorders Linked With Dementia

A set of symptoms that substantially weaken memory, cognition, and social skills are referred to as dementia when they significantly impede day-to-day functioning. Although there isn't one particular illness that causes dementia, several illnesses will. While memory loss is a common symptom of dementia, there are several reasons why memory loss occurs. Memory loss alone […]

How To Talk About Depression With Someone Who Doesn't Understand?

"Why are you behaving in this way?" "What's wrong with you?" "What happened to the person I married?" When someone dear to you, such as a partner, parents, or other loved one, asks you one of the following questions, it is always easy to hear the answer, but when you are depressed, it will be […]

Teenage Caregiver

What are teenage caregivers? Teenage caregivers are young people who take care of an elderly, handicapped, or sick family member or friend. This may include providing regular day-to-day assistance such as cooking meals and doing the laundry, taking care of finances and scheduling doctor appointments, or helping with medication schedules. There are benefits to having […]

The Heartbreaking Reality Of Being A Teenage Caregiver

Every day, millions of teenagers in the United States and worldwide go to school, do their homework, and go to bed. But for some teenagers, the day is much different. These teenagers are responsible for taking care of sick or disabled family members. They are known as “teenage caregivers.” The Reality of being a Teenage […]

So you found out he was cheating?

We've all read articles about how unbearable it is when a partner cheats on you, why you should never do it, and why you should even think about it. But, on a more realistic note, what should you do if you discover your partner is cheating? No one would do such a thing in an […]

Why do people run from caregiving for aging parents?

Caring for aging parents can be stressful. Caregiving is not A job that one applies for; rather, it is a job that occurs in the blink of an eye. On-the-job training can feel like a roller coaster ride with all of the ups and downs, particularly when caregivers have no idea what their responsibilities are […]

God's Hand Is Over You

Caregiving is physically hard since you may be nursing a sick or disabled person or continually lifting a child. God's Hand is always upon those who do caregiving for aging parents and others. Keeping up with the cooking, cleaning, and laundry can be hard, especially when combined with the mental burden you're under. It's not […]

What's the difference between lust and love? I want to understand my emotions

Know the difference between Lust and Love When it comes to others, we can usually tell whether they feel lust or love for someone. However, when it comes to ourselves, it's never straightforward. We can't tell the difference between the trees and the wood. Are we really in love or just trying to satisfy our […]

When you’re feeling lonely

If you're feeling lonely. Caregiving can be feeling lonely. You may be restricted to your home, with little opportunity to get out and interact with others. If your loved one, like my father, becomes unable to speak or respond to you, it is easy to feel quite alone. But God is omnipresent — he is […]

How to Look after a loved one who used to mistreat you

I don't think there's a single adult alive who's never challenged a hateful person or who's never been hurtful to others at any point in his or her life. This post describes How to Look after a loved one who used to mistreat you. Hatred, as we all know, can be detrimental to both ourselves […]

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