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December 14, 2022
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7 Best Dog Friendly Vacation Places To Visit In The World

There's a decision that every person who has a pet has to ask themselves whenever it comes time to plan a vacation or trip: so should they bring their four-legged buddy along or should they leave them at home? Luckily, there are fascinating pet-friendly locations throughout the globe where you can travel with your buddy without worrying.

These locations are animal dream worlds well-equipped with all the facilities a dog lover wants, from first-rate pet hotels to lush dog parks and world-class activities wherein dogs are welcome.

Explore these top 7 dog friendly nations in the upcoming sections, along with some invaluable advice for making the most of your vacation.

1: The United States.

The United States is enormous, which makes it a great experience not only for your pet but you too as well. It's possible to book almost any kind of holiday you can imagine! Whatever you like—beaches, deserts, mountains, snow, etc.

There are many dog-friendly locations in the United States, which is why we suggest taking a road trip with your dog! You can travel with your dog from one state to another, but transporting a puppy on a plane is far more difficult than doing so with an adult dog. If you're traveling by vehicle, they're able to join you for the ride and become a part of your adventure.

Traveling from one state to another is often simple and hassle-free.  If you're traveling to Hawaii or Alaska, you will need additional health certifications of your dogs.

In the US, there are several hotels and motels that accept dogs. But finding pet-friendly restaurants is challenging. If you wish to go to cultural sites like museums, you will not be able to take them with you.

However, there are various national parks, dog parks, hiking paths, and even water activities that you and your dog may enjoy together. The activities vary greatly by location, but there is enough to do and gorgeous landscapes to photograph with your dog!

2: France.

In France, your dog must be within 100 meters of you and must be closely watched, but they are not required to be on a leash. This may seem very unbelievable to many people in the West. However, if you're going to visit this place and give your dog the liberty of off-leash roaming in a busy tourist location, be sure that your dog is well-trained, social, and able to manage the scenario to avoid mistakenly putting your dog, yourself, or another person in danger.

In Paris, the majority of places welcome dogs wholeheartedly. Many will even provide water and cozy spots for customers' pets to unwind while they shop, explore, and eat. However, there are no dog parks in this area. They are not necessary, which explains why. There is no need for dog-specific parks because dogs are permitted in all parks.

3: Canada.

Vancouver, British Columbia, is often regarded as one of the top cities in North America in which to live with a pet. There are literally hundreds of vacation homes and hotels in Canada that welcome pets, but the country is also home to some of the world's most spectacular road trips that are packed with outdoor activities that you and your pet can enjoy together.

There are several options to explore Canada with your dog or cat, from visiting Lake Banff to using the pet-friendly Canadian ferries wherein your pets will ride in total comfort. They'll have a great time on both land and water.

4: Amsterdam.

Amsterdam has always been a well-liked tourism destination for a reason. There is, however, a better reason than what you are considering! The city's dog-friendliness, that is. The Dutch have a soft spot for canines, so you can take your pooch pretty much wherever in Amsterdam. This includes restaurants, supermarkets, hotels, and most other places. The exceptions are art galleries and museums. However, other than these two locations, you can bring your dog almost everywhere.

If you're concerned about how you'll navigate the city with your dog, Amsterdam is quite dog-friendly. Dogs are permitted to ride for free on practically all public transportation in this city. The lone exception is railways, where dogs are still permitted but need a 3 euro doggie day ticket in order to travel.

In Amsterdam, several well-maintained and attractive parks will welcome your dog whenever the weather is nice. More importantly, the majority of these parks are off-leash, meaning you can let your dog run free and play. At Flevopark, there is also a swimming area for dogs who enjoy the water.

5: United Kingdom

England, Scotland, Wales, the Isle of Man, and the Channel Islands make up the United Kingdom (UK). The only place where taking your dog might be challenging is Ireland, but you can travel freely across the other countries without the requirement for microchips or pet passports.

There is a lot of land for you to explore, including several breathtaking vistas, fascinating cultural activities, and many opportunities for pub lunches. One of the nicest parts of traveling with your dog in the United Kingdom is that dogs are permitted on trains for free as long as they are leashed.

Restaurants aren't as modern, but it's simple to locate lodging areas that allow dogs. There are plenty of bars that are dog-friendly, but fine dining venues are pickier.

6: Israel.

It shouldn't come as a surprise that the city with the biggest dog population per capita is also one of the dog-friendliest places on earth. In Tel Aviv, there is one dog for every 17 residents. This city is a fantastic spot to vacation with your dog since it has numerous pet facilities to keep them happy.

There are an astonishing 70 dog parks in this city. Since there is around one dog park per square kilometer in this area, thus, you'll never have to drive far to locate one. However, this city offers more than simply dog parks. Additionally, there are four beaches there that are dog-friendly. Your dog can play and run on the beach, swim in the ocean, and socialize with other amiable dogs that are also having the time of their life while on vacation.

With so many dog-friendly facilities accessible, you ought to be able to locate lodging close to the major dog-friendly activities. And fortunately, the majority of the hotels allow dogs.

7: Sydney, Australia

Melbourne is renowned as being the dog-friendliest city in Australia. There are several lodging options and eateries around that welcome canines, and the calm beaches provide a great playground for your pet. It's possible that off-leash time for dogs is restricted to certain hours throughout the summer.

Just be cautious and prevent your dog from getting close to any animals or creepy crawlies. Australia features some of the most deadly critters on the planet, so keep your fluff secure, know where the closest vet is, and have a first aid kit!

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